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McCampbell Analytical, Inc.


Type Of Certification(s) Cert No. Date of Expiry DW NPW/ Aqueous Haz Waste Solid/Soil Microbiology Bioassay Air/Filter Tissue
AIHA LAP,LLC ID 232255 4/1/2026 X
CA ELAP 1644 11/2/2025 X X X X X X
OR NELAP 4033 1/29/2025   X X X X
PJLA DOD-ELAP L22-757 1/31/2025 X X X X
USDA AHIS-soil permit P330-17-0041 11/15/2026 X
UCMR 5 CA00371 12/31/2025 X
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AIHA LAP, LLC CA ELAP Oregon NELAP Perry Johnson DOD ELAP USDA Soil Permit clickable map of our certifications