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Lead Testing in Child Care Centers

Child Care Center Lead Testing Regulations Begin January 1, 2023

McCampbell Analytical Inc is a Bay Area analytical laboratory certified by California ELAP to test for lead in drinking water in accordance with AB-2370. MAI has extensive experience testing drinking water for lead by EPA Method 200.8 in compliance with the childcare center regulation and includes reporting the data electronically to the state agency. Contact us today to schedule your testing. Call us at 877-252-9262 or send us an email.

Assembly Bill 2370 (AB 2370) requires that licensed child day care centers which are located in a building constructed before January 1, 2010 test their drinking water every five (5) years. This requirement does not apply to Family Child Care Centers.

If lead in water exceeds the Action Level of 5 ppb, AB 2370 requires centers to immediately make inoperable and cease using the affected fountains and notify all parents and guardians of results.

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has created an informational website on Lead Testing and Prevention in accordance with AB 2370. On July 28, 2021, a Provider Information Notice (PIN-21-21-CCP) was published with detailed information on testing requirements. The PIN also includes the External Water Sampler Certification Form and Child Care Center Sampling Checklist Form.

The Program requires that a certified external water sampler collect samples at the Child Care Centers. MAI does not provide this service. However, the CDSS website provides a sampler directory.


Is MAI certified to test for lead in drinking water?

Yes, MAI is certified by the State of California to test for lead in drinking water by EPA method 200.8.

Does MAI provide sampling services?

No, MAI does not provide sampling services. A list of certified samplers can be found here, or contact us for recommendations.

Is a certified sampler required?

Yes, It is the responsibility of the providers to find a sampler that meets one of the qualifications contained within the PIN (page 8) of PIN 21-21-CCP - Release of the Written Directives for Lead Testing of Water in Licensed Child Care Centers Per AB 2370.

How will my results be reported?

MAI provides a PDF report and uploads test results to the California drinking water monitoring system.

How long does it take to get results?

Reports are typically issued within five days after receipt of the sample.

How much does it cost?

MAI charges $28 per sample for lead by EPA 200.8.